Harry T

Harry T​ is an internationally acclaimed award-winning celebrity psychic medium, television personality, spiritual teacher, speaker and author. He is one of the top psychics in the world and is globally recognised as a Psychic to the Stars. He has advised A-list celebrities, royalty, heads of states, politicians, media moguls, corporate CEOs, tycoons, law enforcement agencies and government officials.   

Harry T is a born medium. He has had his God-given spiritual gifts since earliest babyhood. His lifelong psychic experiences include the uncanny ability to predict future events as well as communicate with the spirit world. He was only three years of age when he first recalls seeing and hearing spirits. He also displayed the 'gift of prophecy' and began a practice of daily prayer from the age of five.         

Harry T had several life-changing experiences throughout his childhood, which led him to develop his natural gifts as a teenager. He began giving spiritual readings at the age of fifteen. This cemented him as one of the youngest people in the world to work publicly as a psychic and medium. His incredible gift became his vocation and without advertising, or even having a business card, he propelled to international fame, all through word of mouth. In 2014, he was awarded with the prestigious International Psychic Ambassador Award by the International Psychics Association.


Harry T has now become a household name in Australia. He is popularly known as a recurring TV personality on national talk shows such as the Today show and Today Extra as well as radio guest on Smallzy's Surgery. He has also appeared on other popular television programs including Larry King Now, KTLA Morning News, 9Honey, Married At First Sight, Studio 10, Hughesy We Have A Problem, Come Dine With Me and countless others. As a media personality and public figure, he enjoys using his 'voice' and 'platform' to spread good energy and uplifting messages to the masses.        

Harry T has captivated audiences with his astounding accuracy, wit and infectious personality. He has earned praise from Larry King, Marianne Williamson, Sarah Ferguson, Natalie Imbruglia, Smokey Robinson, Cheryl Saban, Rosanna Arquette, Joely Fisher, Kyle Richards and many others. He is the author of the Energies of the Soul Oracle Cards (now available to pre-order on Booktopia) and is currently writing a book, which will include a foreword written by Larry King.

Harry T is a deeply spiritual and devout person, who is strong, resilient and gentle. He has known difficulties and sorrow, as well as triumphs and success. He is an ordinary person with an extraordinary gift. He believes in the power of love and prayer, and encourages others to always choose love over fear. He is of Armenian-Lebanese heritage and lives in Melbourne, Australia.